Use of Wood Pellets

Wood pellets – abilities:

Wood pellets have a density of about 650 kg/m3 and consist of 7 to 8 % water. The energy level is about 4.9 kWh/kg (kerosene is about 9kWh/kg). The pellets are 8 millimetres in diameter and meet the demands set by European and Norwegian Standard, EN 14961-2 and NS 3165. The use of wood pellets is environmentally neutral, which means that they are not adding to the greenhouse effect, having a low particle emission and amounts to only a minor local air pollution.

The use of Hallingdal pellets

Heating: Most of our pellets are used in greater heating systems, such as in schools, nursing homes, office buildings, hotels and in district- and local heating systems. The pellets are used in small boilers and pellets ovens. Almost all of the energy in the pellets is released in the burning process, giving it a high efficiency. Wood dust: We also sell pellets and wood dust (a by-product of the production) as mulch and wood dust for horses and other farm animals. These are ready for collection by bulk or in a big bag.